Tri Scapes Inc: Maintenance Services

Tri Scapes INC.

Grounds Maintenance

Landscaping maintenance is an important aspect of any property’s management. TSI works with its clients to create a maintenance program that will ensure a professional and polished appearance within any budget. Customized seasonal color programs, exceptional service, state-of-the-art equipment, and attention to detail are just a few of the ways we ensure the satisfaction of clients, which is our number one priority.

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Parks and Facilities

Parks and recreation maintenance is the combination of inspections and tasks that ensure people can access and enjoy these public spaces. It includes all the work necessary to keep a public park area safe, clean, and operating efficiently to serve the needs of its visitors.


ROW Maintenance

ROW Maintenance is vegetation management, including grass cutting, weed abatement, tree trimming, and tree and brush removal of existing streets, highways, and public places.

Tri Scapes INC.

Irrigation Maintenance

TSI employs a team of seasoned irrigation specialists that will uphold exceptional maintenance standards. We take it a step further and perform routine inspections in regard to your ever-growing and changing landscape. As a site matures, TSI will work with clients to ensure a healthy and professional-looking property that will maintain water conservation as a top priority.

Tri Scapes INC.

Turf Care

Exceptional turf care is the basic building block of landscape maintenance. TSI provides complete turf care programs that include monitoring turf health, aeration, fertilization, irrigation, mowing, and any additional services needed to maintain a professional appearance.

Tri Scapes INC.

Certified Arborist Consulting

Tri Scapes employs certified arborists to guide all aspects of tree care within our construction and maintenance contracts.