Tri Scapes Inc: Utility Services

A man spraying trees with a truck behind him.

Comprehensive Vegetation Management

Comprehensive Vegetation Management is the use of herbicides to manage undesirable plant and tree species. Some species are fast-growing and can interfere with the utility itself or can prevent access to rights-of-ways used for routine maintenance or emergencies. While mechanical methods can be utilized to cut back vegetation, these methods can often be costly & temporary. TSI works to provide the best long-term solutions through the Best Applications Methods (BAM).

A man in yellow vest holding hose near white car.

Bare Ground Treatment

Bare Ground Treatment is the process of preventing regrowth or new germination in areas where vegetation has been eradicated from lay-down yards, tank farms, utility substations, and other pervious or non-pervious surfaces. Temperatures, moisture levels, and application rates are closely monitored by TSI to provide the Best Application Methods (BAM).

A power plant with many wires on the side of it.

Site Services

Site Services provide maintenance, construction, and beautification services for new or existing facilities. These can include weekly landscape maintenance crew visits, wall sound barrier construction, and site construction services. TSI can fill the gap between your facility and its neighbors or adjacent landowners.

A fallen tree on the side of a road.

Emergency Storm Work

Emergency Storm Work is simply being there for our customers during any storm or emergency to provide crew support with equipment or personal site access control with trained personnel.

A group of men working in the woods on a stump.

Stump Grinding and Chipping

Stump Grinding and Chipping is often used in high-density areas when tree removal on right-of-ways (ROW) is not enough. TSI can also provide grinding services to remove the stump and create a smooth and maintainable ROW.

A view of some trees in the distance.


Reforestation is often necessary when a storm or clearing has left its mark on a property. Our team of expert horticulturists can provide a range of services to temporarily stabilize areas or create a permanent vegetative plan of action.

A truck is parked on the side of a road.

ROW Restoration

ROW Restoration is essentially putting things back together. TSI will be there to implement the mitigation and assure those impacted that everyone will do what they have agreed to do to restore ROW or easements in a quick and timely manner.

A fence that is on the side of a road.

Chemical Side Trim and Growth Regulating

Chemical Side Trim and Growth Regulating utilize herbicides in control granular and sprays to regulate growth or remove unwanted vegetation in selective environments.

A deer is standing in the grass looking at something.

Food Plots

Food Plots provide managed wildlife plantings for a natural habitat by clearing invasive species and monitoring time-specific plantings. It is also utilized in storm-damaged or manually cleared areas.

A man and woman standing next to a tree.

ROW and Easement Mitigation Services

ROW and Easement Mitigation Services are provided to assist clients with evaluating and negotiating with government agencies, associations, groups, or adjacent landowners in any right-of-way (ROW) construction or expansion project. TSI’s goal is to develop amicable resolutions for all parties involved.